15 commandments of creativity

1. Painting as a book. You’ll get to understand it if you know its language and can read.

2. Painting as a mirror. One will see in it what is inside.

3. Painting as grains. What the painter sows the spectator reaps.

4. Painting as a rake. Getting in touch with genuine art is always a stroke.

5. Painting is like spring. It awakes feelings in people and inspires to search answers to eternal questions.

6. Painting as a river: one bank is Tradition, another is Innovation. But both banks form the course the river flows.

7. Painting as an ocean. Its depth is unfathomable irrespective of the vessel spectator has.

8. Painting as a down-growing tree. Its roots lie in the sphere of spirit, its fruits belong to human beings.

9. Painting as a stream. Its source is in heights of mastery. A profound idea cannot be expressed by primitive means.

10. Painter as a knight. Mastery is his weapon, palette is his shield, his brushes are his arrows, palette-knife is his sword.

11. Painter as a flute. The more internal freedom he possesses, the clearer is the music of the universe he provides. Only the narrow-minded one imagines himself to be the author of his works.

12. Painter is similar to a child. He believes the truth lives in his heart. He learns to listen to the voice of his soul in order to follow his earthy way.

13. Painter is similar to a weaver. His thoughts, feelings, actions compound threads the souls of his paintings are braided of.

14. Painter is similar to a sculpture. He cuts off what is superfluous that hinders to uncover the inner essence.

15. The light radiated from the painting is capable of sparking the icon-lamp of human soul. Spectator, coming to exposition, get sure you have oil in your icon-lamp.